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No need to fact check us... We use Snopees and other Paid Media outlets for the real truth so you do not have to bother with that time consuming and bothersome work.

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One man's truth is another man's fantasy and here at National Truth Institute we do not bother with petty issues like facts. Examples Below! (see the side image for proof)

  • My new beach home is still in construction, so this is a temporary residence. It will be completed within 4 months.
  • My Penis is 11" long and has been measured and verified by National Truth Institute and very attractive female News Presenters.
  • We have plenty of paid television news celebrities and gov't officials that will collaborate any statement of facts.

We know that only truthful and honest people will post here, so there is no need for those 'bothersome' facts, figures and details.

Why Choose NTIO?

You can spend hours locating and doing research on facts and details, but who in their right mind has time for that?... Here at NTIO we take the bother of finding the truth and publishing it for you... We also have the photos and videos you can share with your friends or those that may question your truths.

Foreign and Domestic News Accepted

We show you the facts that really matter. Even if we may have to recreate them.

It is not about the Money

But there are dollars to be made and you cannot hate a company for wanting more.

Attractive News Presenters

Not NTIO employees, but our presenters are paid by 3rd Party Sources who demand truth!



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What Are They Saying About Us

I was just a normal slug working as bank teller until I discovered NTIO and signed up for a media party and instantly I was surrounded by the right customers who were clueless and gullible.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder: Express Advancements

I always thought that a lie needed to be believable until I discovered NTIO and that people will believe just about anything as long as you smile and appear in the media. Thank You NTIO!

Sara Wilsson


I learned that by cutting corners and expanding our food products by adding more fluids and extra chemical 'preservatives' that we could raise profits by 33% by calling them flavor enhancements.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

NTIO taught me that most of the politicians are very stupid and are only 'in it' for the money as I am, so for a small investment in their side 'gigs' I was able to bypass many rules and regulations.

Edward Dubinski



Share Your Joyful Moments of being Rich and Famous



Enjoy moving and grooving in the company of Media Celebrities. We can feature you as an expert witness or offer expert opinions to millions of people who will believe anything you say because you are on the news.

Private Parties


Nothing inspires public opinion being surrounded and adored by 'the rich and famous'. We can host parties in your honor that will give you extended media exposure and enhance your public recognition.

Intimate Parties


These are parties that appeal to the adventurous and thrill seekers. It creates the public impression that you are a 'wild and crazy' thrill and fun seeker who they may idolize in their usual pathetic boredom.


Our Professional Chefs/Truthers

(Serving up the Truth for Your Pleasure!)

Walter Fulcrum

Master Baiter & Investigator

Walter is very good at uncovering all the facts and he can always find the ways to 'leverage' the results you want and need. His fees are expensive, but well worth it.

Sarah Jhonson

Skilled Handler

Oh Mr. Belford, Your legs are so swollen.
Allow me to release your tensions.
Nudge, nudge. wink. wink.

Thomas Anderson

a.k.a. "The Cook"

Mr Anderson can 'cook the books' and recreate any official documents needed. A skilled craftsman at adding layers upon layers of untraceable 'culinary rewards'.

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